Natural healthy beverages are what JG LIFESTYLE is all about. Drawing on our fresh underground sources all over China, we’re able to provide a unique range of healthy mineral waters that offer a true taste of Chinese natural goodness for customers worldwide.

We’re also able to produce herbal drinks, fruit juices and elegant red and white wines that offer a focus on taste, health and wellbeing. From research and development to sourcing and production design and management, JG LIFESTYLE plays a role throughout the entire process, enabling us to offer the highest quality beverages for the best value on the market.


JG FASHION leverages the textile expertise and quality of JG TEXTILE to provide smart business casual wear for both men and women. Offering next-big-thing styles at characteristic JG value, JG FASHION will be building a fashion brand for the Asian consumer market and offering catwalk styles for the right value.


You work hard and deserve the money you make, and with the soon to be launched JG CAPITAL you’ll be able to get your money working for you. With a comprehensive suite of savings and investment products and advice tailored for you to make the most of your resources, JG CAPITAL will offer you the wealth management services you’ve been looking for, whatever your situation.